YouTube Reports $1.8B Paid to Music Industry in Past Year

YouTube Reports $1.8B Paid to Music Industry in Past Year

The video platform also claimed $6 billion in total payouts. YouTube paid out over $1.8 billion in ad revenue to the music industry over the past year from October 2017 to September 2018, the video platform claims. In a Google report called “How Google Fights Piracy,” the company also states in total it has paid out over $6 billion of … Read More

Theda Sandiford Promoted to SVP at Universal Music Group

Theda Sandiford Promoted to SVP at Universal Music Group

Theda Sandiford has been promoted to Senior Vice President of International Commerce & Digital Marketing at Universal Music Group’s Republic Records, Island Records and Def Jam Recordings, it was announced today. In her new role, Sandiford will lead global consumer marketing and commercial strategies to expand the opportunities for artists signed with Republic, Island and Def Jam. She will remain … Read More

How to Earn ASCAP Royalties for Your Music on YouTube

ascap royalties

Digital has transformed the way we listen to music, and it’s more important than ever to have your music available on YouTube. Fortunately, ASCAP can pay royalties for many different types of YouTube performances. Let’s take a look at how ASCAP royalties work for YouTube performances, and the steps you should take to get paid.

How To And Why You Should Monitor Your Brand With Google Alerts

google alerts

Google alerts have been around for a long time now. So has the need to google one’s self. In the late 00’s, we had a popular saying, “Google Me”. Anyone remember that horrible Teyana Taylor song and video from 07-08? Brash entertainers yelled it out in interviews. Random social media nobodies typed in while arguing with other social media nobodies … Read More

That Time The Good Vibes Only Podcast Asked Me To Be A Dating Coach….

*Disclaimer* If any of my ex-girlfriends find this, I am sure they may discredit my credentials on dating lol. Ashley (@APlusAshley) and the great folks over at the Good Vibes Only Podcast (@GVOPodcast) reached out to me. My expertise as of late, has been in helping producers grow and develop their sound and in helping them develop as people, in … Read More