How To And Why You Should Monitor Your Brand With Google Alerts

google alerts

Google alerts have been around for a long time now. So has the need to google one’s self. In the late 00’s, we had a popular saying, “Google Me”. Anyone remember that horrible Teyana Taylor song and video from 07-08? Brash entertainers yelled it out in interviews. Random social media nobodies typed in while arguing with other social media nobodies on Myspace and Facebook. Even Ice Cube got in on the act with his 2010 song “Urbanian”?


Google me bitch! Google has become the ultimate ranking of importance in the internet today. You can have millions of followers on social media, but if that Google hit doesn’t say you’re relevant, you aren’t as lit as you think.

For some, constantly checking for other’s opinions of them is scary. We could psychoanalyze the reasons why, but human nature dictates both curiosity and fear when it comes to what others might be saying about us. From a branding perspective, gathering press clips for your EPK, quotes for your business, and monitoring how well your brand is being received is vital to your success. Googling yourself is more than just entering your name into the box and clicking enter. Google allows you to monitor your brand with their alerts.

Setting up a google alert is a very simple process. Head over to to get started.

  1. Sign in with the gmail account you want the alerts to come to (I am usually logged into multiple at once)

2. Enter your name and/or brand name in the ‘create an alert about’ box.

3. Click show options and select frequency, language, region and more.

4. Click create alert.

5. Click the settings cogwheel and select a daily delivery time. you can also choose to receive a digest, or get the alerts all in one email daily or weekly.


I’ve found sites using my music with Google Alerts. One of the brands I work with found a XXL article mentioning how they were responsible for a major producer meeting another producer who gave him his break at their event. They were not notified of it or linked to it in any way. Without google, they couldn’t have known the impact they made.

If you’re a news outlet, alerts can be your personal assistant. Setting up alerts for a topic or company you are interested in could also hand deliver curated content to your inbox on a daily basis. You can also simply follow news about a region, sports team, fashion trend, favorite band, etc. The possibilities are endless and it beats all that spam in your inbox. Increase your productivity today and setup google alerts.

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