That Time The Good Vibes Only Podcast Asked Me To Be A Dating Coach….

*Disclaimer* If any of my ex-girlfriends find this, I am sure they may discredit my credentials on dating lol.

Ashley (@APlusAshley) and the great folks over at the Good Vibes Only Podcast (@GVOPodcast) reached out to me. My expertise as of late, has been in helping producers grow and develop their sound and in helping them develop as people, in order to prepare them for the rigorous demands of navigating through the social and business sides of the music industry. Ashley thought I could translate that into a successful stint as a dating coach.

Liselle and Ciz

I was paired with an amazing single young professional, Dr. Liselle Bovell (@Doc_Liselle). Liselle has a PhD in molecular and cellular pathology! She also has had trouble finding the right man. Obviously she has amazing qualities, but she also has standards to which she holds herself and others. We opened dialogue in order to diagnose some issues she might be having and kick around some possible solutions. Take a listen below. Shout to Amond Jackson (@AmondJackson) and Salem Psalms Studio (@SalemPsalms) for recording the session and to the musical director of Good Vibes Only Podcast, iStandard alumni and super producer, Black Metaphor (@BlackMetaphor).