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From speaking engagements at conferences to in-studio consultations to bridging talent to moderating panels, facilitating experiences and educating creators is my passion. What's the point of being MVP if you don't even make the playoffs? A better equipped community means wins for us all. 

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Creator to Creator POV

I’ve been writing, recording and performing music for over 15 years. I had no professional training. With little resources other than peers and mentors, Through observation, Youtube, books and thought, I taught myself song structure, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, mixing, marketing and more. I build websites. I stay on top of trends in music technology. Through my work as a talent scout and junior executive, I’ve guided many aspiring producers and artists on their way to publishing deals, millions of records sold, Grammy’s and more. I turned right back around and used what I learned to help other creators. All you need to succeed already exists. I’ll teach you how to find and harness the information.

  • I’ve never been the plug

    I’d consider myself the generator, turning actual movement into energy and then allowing others to use that energy to power themselves. 

  • Relationships Matter

    So let’s build one. We don’t need to be besties but we do need to know each other. I need to know who you are and what matters to you in order to help you. Learning how to build appropriate relationships within the industry is a necessary skill for success.


It's All About Who You Know

Authentic relationships are key. Organically built and forged over time, a strong network ensures continued success. The first step to a strong network is recognizing the talent you already have around you. Each relationship I have is the product of one I already had. Being of service instead of being of need will keep you in the rooms and nature will take its course.


It's more than a cliche about network and net worth. It's about your value and what you can offer to others!


We all get to the bag differently

Everyone is at different stages in our careers. There are many potential needs. Figuring out a plan of attack personalized to your needs is much more effective than following a generic, one size fits all plan.

Let's setup an initial consultation. Being honest about where you are in terms of quality, skill level within your craft and business setup is key. 

Most creators can't get to the bag because they don't actually know where the bag is. Others do but are not setup to monetize that income stream. Let's go through all possible bags and figure out how to open those streams of income you might be missing out on.

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Collaboration is

Music is a team sport. Yes, individuals can create a portion of it alone but at some point you'll need another creative in the process. Songwriters, demo singers, engineers, producers, musicians, etc will all be involved in your process at some point if you aim to make music at the highest levels. Learn to embrace the energy of others. Find people who do what you don't or who do it better and build something timeless.


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