How To And Why You Should Monitor Your Brand With Google Alerts

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google alerts

Google alerts have been around for a long time now. So has the need to google one’s self. In the late 00’s, we had a popular saying, “Google Me”. Anyone remember that horrible Teyana Taylor song and video from 07-08? Brash entertainers yelled it out in interviews. Random social media nobodies typed in while arguing with other social media nobodies … Read More

Charity Evaughn places 2 tracks on Killa Kyleon’s critically acclaimed new album “Lorraine Motel”

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Charity Evaughn

Charity Evaughn has been making strides for sometime as one of the dopest up and coming producers in the game. Houston links up as Killa Kyleon drops a powerful project in the new “Lorraine Motel”, an ode to Dr. King and the struggle of the black man and woman in America. His lyrical prowess with that H Town drawl, has … Read More